Hy-Gro lays huge emphasis on Quality of its pharmaceutical products and stringently controls the research, development, manufacturing, testing and distribution of our products. We are committed to manufacturing while abiding by all major regulatory requirements. Our Quality Management Team is tasked with ensuring this, while also demanding exacting standards from our suppliers that help guarantee patient safety.

Our quality systems have well-defined procedures in place complying with Current Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure that we meet the global regulatory standards.

We have been audited and approved by USFDA, EDQM, PMDA, MFDS and etc., are supplying our products to over 45 countries including the USA, European Union Territories, Japan, China, Korea. Taiwan, GCC, Latam, etc.

Some of the measures at Hygro to ensure good QMS are –

  • Quality Management is independent in approach and reports to Top management.
  • Quality at Hygro depends on a risk-based approach and uses statistical tools to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Our employees are continually educated on global standards in the field of cGMP, GDP, GLP and Data Integrity  to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of the global environment.
  • Patient & Employee safety is our high priority and we take a comprehensive and diligent approach to monitoring safety of our processes and procedures. We offer a proven portfolio of products that delivers consistent safety and reliability.